Once a photographer, always a photographer

I started out shooting and developing black and white film when I was a grade schooler. I shot for my own enjoyment for many years, then drifted away from the camera. One day I realized I was still framing shots and editing in my mind's camera, so I picked up a digital.

I get a kick out of finding little things that usually go unnoticed and featuring them. Broken things, old things, solitary things - these catch my eye and my lens. In 2015, I added historic interiors to my list of interests. With increasing political protests across the country, I'm getting more into street photography as well. Women's history and rights are the unifying themes.

I've always been a student of the creepy, and I enjoy trips to the cemetery a bit more than I should. I am also on a lifelong quest for the rusty and the busted.

More than anything, I am enjoying the slow process of documenting reconstructed colonial interiors here on Long Island. They show the full scope of a woman's life in the 17th and 18th centuries, because a woman's work was, generally, completely indoors.

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