I have added a new line of photographic products to the shop, and I think you'll enjoy it a lot. 

I saw an ad for Fracture ™  prints online. They're photographic prints that are produced on the back of a sheet on glass and have a cardstock backing. It seemed like a cool idea, so I ordered one.


These prints are really gorgeous. I also like the ethics and practices of the company - each print is hand-checked and hand-packed. The company takes a great deal of care with each order. The result is an extremely high-quality, ready-to-hang photograph. It comes with a screw and a pre-drilled hole on the back corresponding with the orientation (landscape or portrait) of the photograph.

I've only ordered a black and white print, so I can only speak to that right now. It's stunning, and the detail is just insanely good.

For a few dollars more, you can get a stand for the smaller-sized prints to make them table-top art instead of wall art.

I hope you'll consider ordering one of my prints as a Fracture ™ . They're drop-shipped directly to you from the Fracture factory in Florida, worldwide, using USPS 1st Class.

To order one, see the Fracture listing and enter the name of the photo you want in the comments section of your order. Each photo's name is in double quotes at the top of the listing's information, right above its unique haiku.